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What is DOT C2 reflective tape?

DOT C2 is a reflective tape that meets minimum reflective criteria in an alternating pattern of white and red. It must be 2” wide and it must be stamped with the DOT C2 marking. Two patterns are accepted, you may use the 6/6 (6″ red and 6″ white) or 7/11 (7″ white and 11″ red).

How much tape is required?

An evenly spaced pattern of strips 12”, 18” or 24” long may be used on each side of the trailer so long as at least 50% of each side is covered.

At the back of the vehicle, two continuous strips must be used in the lower rear and two inverted L shapes of solid white must mark the top corners of the trailer. Trucks must be marked in a similar fashion. See images below.

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