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Rainbow Color Retro Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl for clothing

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Rainbow Color Retro Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl for clothing

Item No.: RS-735

Substrate material: PET Film

DaytimeColor: Black

Reflective Color: Rainbow
Reflective index: 300cd/(lx.㎡)
Washes: 25 cycles at 60℃ (ISO6330)
Dry cycle: 5 cycles (ISO3175)
Certificate: OEKO-TEX100
Size: 1mx100m/roll, or customized width from 1cm-100cm is acceptable.

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RS-735 Rainbow Color Retro Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl for clothing


1. Rainbow Reflective Heat transfer vinyl appears black color in day time. After the light irradiation in dark, it is able to show different reflective colors at different angles, such as rainbow. It is absolutely stunning and eye-catching

2.Can customize adhesives to fit different base fabrics.

3.Can be cut by plotter or laser machine into graphics, characters and logos, and create unique logos as per customers' requirements.

4.Customized length and width are available



It can be cut by plotter or laser machine into GRAPHICS, CHARACTERS and LOGOS, then heat transferred to all kinds of fabrics,such as sportswear, caps, bags, shoes etc.


Shipping Terms

Package: 100 meters per roll. 1roll per carton 

Delivery time: After payment or deposit, the items would be delivered in 7days.

Export post: Xiamen

Before using the film, tear off the plastic protective film or white release paper from the back side of heat transfer film. Then, heated to the clothing or the surface of other objects.

Washing guide

Neutral detergent and wash is recommended. Do not use hot water that over 60 degree. Avoid soaking for a long time.Do not spin to dry. Do not bleach.

It should be store in the storehouse, where the condition is ventilated, dry and cool. The suitable temperature is between 10~40℃, the humidity is less than 70%.
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