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Micro Prismatic Reflective PVC Sheet

Micro Prismatic Reflective PVC Sheet

Material: 100% PVC

Quality including: Standard quality, Anti-freezing quality and toxic free quality
Color: more than 30 colors available (white, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent red, fluorescent green, yellow, blue, red, orange, fuchsia and green, etc)
Thickness: 0.17mm、0.19mm、0.2mm、0.24mm、、0.3mm;

Size: 46cm×48cm/piece, 47cm×49cm/piece (customized)

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RS-6190 Micro Prismatic Reflective PVC Sheet


It features good flexibility, has various thickness and colors for selection. Good reflective effect, strong warming effect, waterproof.  Non-toxin TPU micro-prism products with better flexibility and excellent anti-freezing performance are also available.


It is widely used for making reflective tape, reflective label, reflective band and reflective accessories



RS-6190 Reflective PVC sheet adopt the prismatic reflective technology. It is widely used for Bag, Fashion & shoes materials, Garment, Gloves, Label, M/C jacket, Outdoor gear, Reflector, Shoes, etc to make more fashion and enhance the visibility when illuminated by a light source such as automobile headlights especially at nighttime.


Shipping & payment:

Package: 300 pieces per carton

Delivery time: After payment or deposit, the items would be delivered in 7days.
Export port: Xiamen port or as request.


It should be store in the storehouse, where the condition is ventilated, dry and cool. The suitable temperature is between 10~40℃, the humidity is less than 70%.


Could micro-prismatic products be suitable in cold areas?
Of cause, it could. You should use anti-freezing type of micro-prism PVC sheet.

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