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BS EN 469:2005

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BS EN 469:2005


EN 469:2005

The EN 469:2005 standard demands high performances that are described in 20 tests. The standard determines in essence 4 key values: Xf (flame), Xr (radiation), Y(waterproofness) & Z (breathability).

1. Xf1 or Xf2: flame test

EN 367 test method: heat transmission (flame). Heat flux of 80 kW/m2.

Xf2 Xf1
HTI Heat Transfer Index Level 2 Level 1
HTI24 ≥ 13s ≥ 9s
HTI24 - HTI12 ≥ 4s ≥ 3s

Level 1 is the lowest level; level 2 is the highest level.

2. Xr1 or Xr2: radiant heat

EN 6942 test method: the transmission of heat (radiation). Heat flux of 40kW/m2.

Xr2 Xr1
RHTI Radiation HTI Level 2 Level 1
RHTI 24 ≥ 18s ≥ 10s
RHTI 24 - RHTI 12 ≥ 4s ≥ 3s

Level 1 is the lowest level; level 2 is the highest level.

3. Waterproofness (Y1 or Y2)

Waterproofness test EN 20811

  • Y1 < 20 kPa (garments without membrane)
  • Y2 ≥ 20 kPa (garments with membrane)

4. Breathability (Z1 or Z2)

Water vapour resistance EN 31092

Level Z1 > 30m² Pa/W.
Z1 indicates a higher water vapour resistance than Z2.
This garment is less breathable.

Level Z2 ≤ 30 m2 Pa/W
This garment has a lower water vapour resistance.
It is more breathable.

In addition the B annex of the EN 469 specifies the surface of the stripings (if the risk analysis demands them).

  • B.1 The retroreflective material with single characteristic has to be fixed on the outer surface of the protective clothing with a minimum area of 0,13m2 for a circular visibility thanks to circular bands around the arms, the legs and the torso.
  • B.2 In the case of the application of fluorescent non-retroreflective material or material with combined characteristics, the surface of the fluorescent material must be at least 0,2 m2.
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