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Customized Iron-on Reflective Webbing Tape

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Customized Iron-on Reflective Webbing Tape

Item No.: RS-11RW

Material: polyester knitting tape

Color: customized

Reflective tape: Silver or high intensity reflective heat transfer tape

Reflective index: 420cd/(lx.㎡)

Width: 0.5cm~10cm , or customized

Length: 50meter per roll
Minimum order quantity: 3000 meter

Application: sew on high visibility garments

  • Product Detail

Customized Iron-on Reflective Webbing Tape


  • 1. Composed of reflective heat transfer film being heat applied on durable and sturdy webbings.
  • 2. The width is customizable for both transfer tape and webbing.
  • 3. All colors of webbing available for choosing.
  • 4. Reflective part enhances nighttime visibility, while colorful webbing has excellent warning performance in daytime.



It is widely applied on sportswear, leisure clothing, cap, shoes, handbags, and bags and provide perfect protection for both daytime and nighttime.


Shipping & payment:

Package: 50 meters per roll (can be packed according to the customer’s requirement)

Sample time: 3-7 days
Delivery Time 15-30 days after sample confirm
Departure Port: Xiamen

If the reflective layer was influenced when using it, please abide by the flowing suggestions to lighten the pollution. 
Turn down the air conditions and lower humidity in manufacture and storage. 

Avoid sweat, sewing machine oil or other contaminants direct contact with reflective layer. In processing reflective material---bare glass beads, all members should wear gloves.

Washing guide:

The material is washable, can be machine wash under 40℃. Do not bleach, dry cleaning, industrial washes. It can tumble dry with medium heat or natural dry. Can electric iron under 110℃. The washes is 50 cycles.(ISO 6330 Method 2A at 60 °C (140 °F) and RA ≥ 100 cd/lux/m2,home wash)


Remaining warning tape should be tied tightly. Then placed into poly bag, and put some desiccant into poly bag. It should be store in the storehouse, where the condition is ventilated, dry and cool. The suitable temperature is between 10~40℃, the humidity is less than 70%.

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