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Reflective Material

Rainbow Reflective Material, The New Fashion Trend


Rainbow reflective material also called iridescent reflective material. In daytime, it looked black  without light flashing. But it shows colorful with flash lights on. The rainbow material becomes more and more popular due to its attractive iridescent reflective effects against light in dark or low light condition. It has been the new favorite of the fashion world.


Rainbow reflective materials utilize optical refraction and reflection phenomena, by optical coating on glass beads, and using specific fluorescent substances to refract and reflect light through different sizes of glass beads. The specific coating material layer is again reflected and refracted, and Color changed by the various thickness of the coating material, thereby achieving a colorful reflection.


Till now, Roadstar have three kinds of rainbow reflective material.

1. Rainbow reflective heat transfer film for heat transfer logo, include rainbow printable transfer film and rainbow heat transfer film for plotter cutting

2. Rainbow reflective fabric for clothing, include polyester backing rainbow reflective fabric, TC backing rainbow reflective fabric, Elastic rainbow reflective fabric and 3D mesh rainbow reflective fabric

3. Rainbow reflective leather for shoes


As a professional manufacturer of series reflective material since 1998 , Roadstar offers the best price and the best quality. If you have any questions or inquiry about the rainbow reflective material, please feel free to contact us.

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