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An introduction to Photoluminescent Material


How does a photoluminescent product work?

Photoluminescent material also called glow in the dark material. It is the phenomenon whereby luminescence is induced by the absorption of visible light, UV or infrared radiation. It is a non-radioactive process. The photoluminescent material absorbs and stores photons (‘particles’ of light) from a light source and on removal, the stored energy is released as visible light in the dark. Duration and brightness of the glow is dictated by the quantity and quality of photoluminescent pigment within the product.

Roadstar photoluminescent material include Glow in the dark film, Glow in the dark tape, Glow in the dark heat transfer film, and glow in the dark fabric.

What is photoluminescent used for?

For glow in the dark film, it is self-adhesive film. It is widely use in the manufacture of safety or ‘egress’ guidance and emergency signage or marker tapes. And it can be posted on the surface of switches, remote control panel, plug, socket, lock, flashlight, door handles, handrails, fire fighting equipment, fire alarm, life-saving appliances,and so on. It can identify the position, which is easy to use.

For glow in the dark heat transfer film and glow in the dark fabric, it is the photoluminescent material for clothing by heat transfer or sew.

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