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Reflective Material

The advantage of Segmented Reflective Heat Transfer Tape


Nowadays reflective material is widely used for sportswear and outdoor garments. The main fabric of sports and outdoor garments usually has some elasticity. We recommend our segmented reflective heat transfer tape which is more suitable for the elasticity fabric. Please check the following advantages to compare with the solid reflective tape:

1. The segmented patterns make your design or products look nicer and fashionable, different from others.
2. The segmented pattern makes the reflective heat transfer tape stretchable, which is good for elastic fabric.
3. The segmented patterns help to improve the washing durability than solid reflective tape
. 4. The segmented pattern makes the reflective material breathable. Roadstar produce various pattern segmented reflective heat transfer tape for selection. And customer design are also welcome. We offer customized reflective material solutions according to your usage. Any question about the segmented reflective heat transfer tape, please feel free to contact us.

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