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Reflective Material

The applications of reflective materials


Reflective material was first introduced back in the 1930's for use on stop signs and asphalt. In 1939, the first signboard made of Scotchlite TM reflective film was used on the road in Minnesota, USA. Since then, a series of reflective film have been used for traffic signs.

With the development of modern road transportation, the number of people performing tasks and operations on the road is increasing. In addition, more and more people will walk out at night. In this context, reflective materials for clothing have emerged.

The reflective materials for clothing were first applied to some professional work wear for road traffic management and service personnel. Such as High visibility clothing for fire control, road administration, police, safety, and rescue.

And with the improvement of people's safety awareness, reflective materials are more and more widely used on civil market. Such as all kinds of sports wear, bag, Shoes and cap for safety and fashion purpose.

Summary, the application field of reflective materials can be divided into two categories: planned special market and civil market.

  • The planned special market including traffic signs, signage, license plates, reflective signs on car bodies and other traffic safety fields; High visibility clothing for fire control, road administration, police, safety, and rescue. 
  • The civilian market generally refers to various fields of clothing, shoes and hats, luggage, advertising sign and so on.

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