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Reflective Material

Care Instruction of reflective safety clothing


Roadstar Reflective Material Series products uses the principle of spherical retro-reflection formed by high refractive glass beads.It reflect light back to the source,thus enhancing the visibility of the human body at night in poor visibility or critical situations, to increase the safety and avoid accidents.



Reflective material is a special material, washing and dry clean will damage and reduce the reflectivity of the material. If there is any dirty position, try to wipe it with a wet towel.When do wash, please refer to the following washing instruction.



Recommended washing cycles and washing temperature for the safety garments tested and approved for: 10x40°C

1. Try to wash your safety garment inside out.

2. When do machine wash, please use a mild detergent, but No bleach or Fabric Softener!

3. Try to avoid wash the safety garments with your work jeans or any clothing with rough fabric or edges. The glass beads on the retro reflective fabric can be worn off by rough texture.

4. Try no to wash reflective garment with other dark garments that might bleed. Stained material may cause a reduction in its performance.



1. Try to line dry your reflective garments. If you choose to machine dry, try to remove the garment immediately. The added heat can damage the reflective fabric.

2. Don't expose to the sun. (Exposure under the sun will damage reflective materials and shorten the service life)

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