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Roadstar Reflective Cone Sleeve


Reflective cone Sleeveis developed for traffic cones to increase the night time visibility to enhance the roadway safety for drivers. And it can be easily replaced when the original sleeve becomes worn.

It is High-frequency welding cone sleeve. According to the material of cone sleeve, it can be divided into two types:

---made of our RS-6190 prismatic PVC sheet with white PVC film backing

---made of our RS-6480 prismatic PVC reflective banner material

There are various size and welded pattern for selection. And this range of traffic cone sleeve are fully BS EN13422 compliant and ideal for almost any 500mm, 750mm and 1-meter traffic cones on the market.

How to determine if the cone sleeve is suitable for use. Please follow as below:

Acceptable: The surface is free of punctures and abrasions, asphalt splatter, cement slurry or other material. The retro reflective band has only minor tears or scratches.

Marginal: The surface has some asphalt splattering or cement slurry, some abrasions and discolouration. The retro reflective band has tears and scratches but is free of large areas of residue or missing material.

Unacceptable: Large areas of missing or stained retro reflective material, punctures and large areas of staining or asphalt splatter make the cone unacceptable. Note that a situation where more than one traffic cylinder, or two adjacent cones, are missing or substantially out of alignment, should be regarded as “unacceptable”.

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